Really   Bad   Haiku   #1-#5

Never Let Me Down
nothing truer can I say
than it really sucked

all I want from life
is to be nibbled on by
Dave's old funky teeth

shake your pretty thing
dance and sing, just don't forget
to straighten your wig

a hip thrust or two
reduces me to shrieking
groupie hysterics

first it was stardust
then it was moondust--David
please make up your mind

Really   Bad   Haiku   #6-#10

the Evil Story
I only have one question--
where's the orgy scene?

visions of Bolton
and Kermit, too--jealousy
makes me cry boo hoo

butter-coated god
should have been peanut butter
not as fattening

need a pick-me-up?
try a fruity drink--it's the
nectar of the gods

oh let me feed you,
my love, tender morsels of
roasted koala

Really   Bad   Haiku   #11-#15

my love for you is
worth more than pieces of gold
sure glad the bond sold

the Diamond Friendly
what is that supposed to mean?
more of Dave's weird words

don't worry, honey
if you make a big mistake
Eno will fix it

bang hips with the fun
gang--hey, he wrote it, for a
kiddie film no less

I pray to you, my
golden boy, young chicks dig your
mighty Lance of Love

 1997 by Ramona I. Gardea

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