The Bowiefan Quiz

Are you crazy for Bowie? Take this simple two-part quiz and find out!

First Part: Multiple Choice, choose one answer per question.

1.  The new song Little Wonder contains references to the seven dwarves.
    Why is this?

  a) Its a reference to The Bewlay Brothers (Hunky Dory).
  b) Bowie has been replaced by Disney with an anamatronic droid who will
     soon be featured as a part of The Pirates of the Caribbean.
  c) Is that song on Lets Dance?

2.  How many hours a day do you spend at the David Bowie Message Board
    or a similar Bowie site?

  a) 1-24.
  b) Under 1
  c) None, I spend all of my time at

3.  How often do you dream about David Bowie?

  a) Nightly!
  b) Occasionally.
  c) About as often as I dream about Michael Bolton.

4.  How many David Bowie cds or cassettes do you own?

  a) 20+
  b) 1-19
  c) I only buy Mariah Carey albums.

5.  David Bowie is:

  a) God.
  b) An innovative and groundbreaking musician.
  c) Is't he that red shoes guy?

6.  When you see a photo of David and Iman you:

  a) Cry.
  b) Feel a pang of jealousy.
  c) Think, "What a lovely couple!"

7.  When you hear the name Iman you think:

  a) Evil thoughts.
  b) "Listen to Iman."
  c) I wonder if she really does like milk?

8.  When you hear the phrase "Lance of Love", what do you think of first?

  a) David Bowie's...ah, nevermind.
  b) Launcelot and his love for Queen Guinevere
  c) Hey!  That sounds vaguely sexual!

9.  At some point in time you have:

  a) Built a webpage devoted to David Bowie.
  b) Visited a website devoted to David Bowie.
  c) Heard of David Bowie.

Second Part: answer yes or no.

1. Are any of your pets or childern named the following: Ziggy, Stardust, Jareth, Lady Grinning Soul, Aladdin Sane, Thin White Duke, Baby Grace, Major Tom, Ramona, Lady Stardust, Blue Jean, China Girl, Leon Blank, Dopey, Grumpy, Sleepy, Stinky, Dame Meditation, or any other name related to a Bowie song?

2. Do you watch movies like "The Linguini Incident" just because Bowie is in them?

3. Does your idea of a romantic evening involve: Bowie on the stereo, leather, whips, chains, riding crops, roasted koala, and chocolate jalapeno sauce?

4. Do you consider blasting Earthling on your car stereo with the windows open a hobby?

5. Did you travel all the way to NY city to attend David Bowie's 50th Birthday concert?


Part One:  Give yourself 5 points for every "a", 3 points for every "b", 
           and 1 point for every "c".

Part Two:  Give yourself one point for every "yes", and nothing for "no"s.

Add points together.

 9-15 You poor dear!  Seek professional help at your local music store!
16-25 Buy Earthling as soon as possible.
26-35 You are on the right track!  Keep up the good work!
36-44 Admit it, you like Bowie!
45-50 Congratulations!  You are a true Bowie fan!  
      Please don a laytex scull-cap and enter the temple.

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