Welcome to Diamond Nebula

What is Diamond Nebula? A book by Jeremy Reed.

What is it about? Good question.

How is this related to David Bowie? He's a main character.

Why is there so little on this page? I haven't decided what to do with it yet.

The Diamond Nebula Club (DNC)

Hel--read it twice
Hel2--needs to read it again
Lady Artist Minotaur--read it
Ramona--read it
D.S.--pulling himself through it
Varese--read half of it
SB (founder of DNC)--read two chapters
Dara--promised to read it this summer

Have you read Diamond Nebula?  Want to join our questionable ranks?
E-mail me.

Liv Rainey


A Taste of Diamond Nebula
At the moment, just an excerpt from DN...give it a taste.
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